About Us

European Performance Filters (EPF), founded in 2015 and based in Canton, Ohio, is a family owned company that offers a comprehensive selection of BMC Air Filters for automobiles and motorcycles at competitive prices. Here are some key highlights of EPF:

  1. Authorized Dealer and Importer: EPF is an authorized dealer and importer for BMC, enabling us to provide BMC's warranty against defective products and ensuring the availability of authentic filters for customers.

  2. Efficient Inventory: EPF has invested in maintaining the largest inventory of automotive and motorcycle BMC air filters in North America. This substantial stock allows us to efficiently serve end-users and dealer networks, often with same-day shipping. This is in contrast to some competitors who may need to special order filters from Italy, resulting in extended wait times.

  3. Exclusive Focus on BMC: EPF exclusively stocks and sells BMC products, specializing solely in BMC air filters. This dedicated focus on BMC makes EPF experts in BMC products and enables us to offer in-depth knowledge and answers to customer inquiries.

  4. Customer-Centric Approach: EPF prides itself on delivering excellent customer service. Our goal is to provide customers with the best possible experience when purchasing BMC air filters.

  5. Premier Distributor: EPF positions itself as the premier distributor of BMC air filters, which are known for their quality and performance in the automotive industry.

EPF's commitment to BMC products, extensive inventory, and customer service makes us a trusted source for automotive enthusiasts seeking BMC Air Filters for their vehicles. Our emphasis on quick delivery and expertise in BMC products sets us apart as a go-to destination for filter-related needs.