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The expertise accumulated in the racing world by the best Italian engineers is directly transmitted to the production for the aftermarket.

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BMC Air Filter is sponsor and official supplier of the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP team.

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The aim of BMC is to transfer the passion and know-how of racing in everyday vehicles.

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BMC Air Filter

BMC Lamborghini Air Filter | European Performance Filters

BMC Air Filter officially sponsors and supplies the Lamborghini Squadra Corse section for the Super Trofeo competition.

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BMC Air Filter is a prominent global player in the production of air filters and intake systems for the automotive/motorcycle industry, catering to both road and racing applications. The company operates in two main sectors:

  1. Aftermarket: BMC offers an extensive range of replacement air filters, making their high-performance filtration technology accessible to everyday drivers and enthusiasts.
  2. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): As a Tier1 supplier, BMC collaborates with major global car manufacturers to design and develop complete filtration systems, including air-boxes, for installation in new vehicles.

BMC is headquartered in Medicina, located in the heart of Motor Valley in Bologna, Italy. They have a global presence with branches in China and India, and their products are distributed through a network of over ninety distributors worldwide.

For more than two decades, BMC has established partnerships with renowned international racing teams. Their involvement in motorsports has contributed significantly to numerous achievements, including:

  • Formula 1: 14 Pilots titles and 14 Constructors titles.
  • World Rally Championship: 6 titles.
  • DTM Championships: 12 titles.
  • Le Mans 24 Hours: 15 titles.
  • World Superbike Championship (WSBK): 5 Riders titles.

BMC's commitment to innovation and performance has made them a trusted name in both the automotive aftermarket and the world of professional motorsports, where precision and reliability are paramount.

Filtration Process

BMC air filters are produced in Italy using a meticulous manufacturing process that results in high-quality filtration performance. Here's how they're made:

  1. Multi-layered Cotton Gauze: BMC air filters feature multiple layers of cotton gauze, which are designed to capture impurities effectively. This gauze is soaked in a low-viscosity oil.
  2. Electrostatic Filtration: Harmful materials that carry a negative charge are trapped in the positively charged oil. This electrostatic effect helps separate these materials from the incoming air that your engine breathes.
  3. Epoxy Coated Alloy Mesh: The oil-soaked cotton is protected by an epoxy-coated alloy mesh. This coating serves as a barrier against petrol fumes and oxidation, preserving the filter's performance and longevity.
  4. Full Moulding Technique: BMC employs a "Full Moulding" technique to craft the filter frames. This process involves creating a single mold without any welded joints. The result is a filter with enhanced rigidity, making it more durable and less prone to breakage even during spirited driving.

These manufacturing techniques and materials come together to create one of the best air filters available for your automobile or motorcycle. BMC's filters are designed to offer efficient filtration, durability, and protection for your engine, all while increasing your vehicles performance, making them a popular choice among automotive enthusiasts.

Washing & Recharging

One of the significant advantages of BMC air filters is their reusability and ease of maintenance:

  1. Rechargeable: BMC filters are 100% rechargeable. When the filter becomes dirty or clogged, it can be completely rejuvenated by using a BMC washing kit. This means that instead of frequently replacing stock filters, you can simply clean and re-oil the BMC filter, extending its lifespan.
  2. Cost-Effective: The reusability of BMC filters makes them more cost-effective in the long run compared to stock filters. While they may have a higher initial cost, their longevity and ability to be rejuvenated through cleaning offset this cost over time.
  3. Environmental Benefits: BMC filters contribute to environmental sustainability. Since they don't need to be replaced as often as stock filters, they reduce the amount of waste generated from disposable filters. This aligns with environmentally conscious practices by minimizing the need for filter disposal and manufacturing.

In summary, BMC air filters not only provide performance benefits but also offer cost savings and eco-friendly advantages through their washable and reusable design.

CDA (Carbon Dynamic Airbox)

The CDA, or Carbon Dynamic Airbox, is a classic direct intake system manufactured by BMC. Here are some key points about it:

  1. Universal and Specific Versions: The CDA is available in different variations. There are universal versions that can be adapted to various automobile types through the use of assembly accessories like sleeves, reducers, or other components. Additionally, there are specific versions designed for particular engines and vehicle models. These specific kits come with all the necessary accessories for installation.
  2. Expert Installation Recommended: BMC recommends having the CDA installation performed by an experienced tuner. The positioning and assembly of the CDA can have a significant impact on the kit's performance. Having an expert handle the installation ensures it is done correctly.
  3. Optimizing Air/Fuel Ratio: After installing the CDA, BMC advises carrying out a re-mapping of the engine's control unit. This process helps optimize the air-to-fuel (petrol) ratio to ensure the best performance from the new air intake system. It's an important step in maximizing the benefits of the CDA.

In summary, the BMC CDA is a versatile and high-performance direct intake system, but its installation and tuning require expertise to achieve optimal results. Proper installation and tuning can significantly enhance your vehicle's performance.

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