Conical Filters

BMC conical filters offer several advantages, including extended lifespan, improved performance, and ease of replacement by eliminating the need for the original air box.

These filters come in two primary versions:

  1. SA (Single Air): Featuring a simple lateral airflow design.
  2. TW (Twin Air): Equipped with both lateral and central airflow for enhanced performance.

In addition to these versions, BMC offers specialized categories:

  • Carburettor Filters: Available in both single and twin configurations, these filters are designed for direct installation on the carburettor. They enhance airflow, contributing to improved engine performance and cleaner air intake.
  • Engine Breather Filters: These filters play a crucial role in the oil vapor recovery process, ensuring optimal engine operation.
  • Specific Kits: Tailored with conical filters and ready-to-install components, these kits are designed to fit specific models, providing a convenient and high-performance filtration solution for particular vehicles.

BMC direct induction filters can be fitted on every kind of car. If necessary, BMC is able to supply tubes and rubber connectors to make up a complete kit. For some particular applications, an alloy flexible tube is available to duct cold air to the conical filter. In fact, colder aspirated air means you have a bigger volumetric mass. A greater mass of air gives better combustion and finally, increased performance.

Most Conical Filters are special order items.

If a conical filter needs to be specially ordered, payment is due up front and the item may take 6-8 weeks to receive.

Advanced Technology and Material Quality

The red rubber utilized in the production of the intake is engineered to exhibit exceptional heat and shock resistance. It maintains its structural integrity and shape even under extreme temperature variations. Additionally, the specialized mesh employed in the filtering element is designed to withstand the rigors of high-performance applications, making it possible to create air filters for vehicles with power outputs of up to 700 horsepower, whether they are equipped with Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) or Turbochargers. This advanced design ensures that the filter remains distortion-free, even when subjected to the demanding conditions of such high-powered setups.

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