Car Replacement Filters

Highest Quality

The BMC air filter combines a metallic mesh with oiled multilayer cotton filtration material, ensuring outstanding filtering efficiency and minimal air pressure loss. The oil infusion imparts a sticky quality to the material, enabling it to trap air impurities while preserving airflow. This results in a seamless and continuous filtering process. The cotton filtration element is housed within an external support frame, facilitating secure installation within the air-box.

What sets BMC apart is its Italian origin, with every stage of production, from design to manufacturing, conducted in Italy by skilled Italian engineers. Only the finest quality materials are used, upholding the highest standards of quality throughout the process.

Eco Friendly

BMC air filters are constructed from cotton, a natural material that offers the advantage of multiple reuses. This filter can be cleaned with a specialized detergent and then re-oiled, providing a cost-effective alternative to replacing the air filter with every vehicle service. This not only saves money but also contributes to reducing environmental waste.

Rigorous Testing

BMC operates across various sectors, including automotive, racing, aerospace, nautical, and industrial, each with its own distinct regulations and demands. As a result, BMC conducts meticulous and comprehensive testing of its air filters to meet the highest standards compared to paper, foam, and plastic materials.

The technical innovations employed by BMC are a direct outcome of an ongoing and rigorous program of laboratory testing. BMC conducts filtration tests in alignment with international filtering standards (ISO 5011). According to this standard, BMC Air Filters achieve an impressive 98.5% filtering efficiency, underscoring their commitment to top-quality filtration.


For optimal results and to preserve the warranty of your BMC air filter, we strongly advise using original BMC kits exclusively. Other products may not be as effective and could potentially cause permanent damage to the filter, rendering the warranty void.
The BMC regeneration kit includes a specialized BMC detergent and an oil applicator, available in either spray or dispenser form.
For detailed instructions on how to regenerate the filtering element, please refer to the cleaning video and guidance provided in the regeneration kit.