Bike Carbon Intake Systems

The CRF, or Carbon Racing Filter, represents BMC's pinnacle of high-performance sports air filters, catering to both road and competition motorcycles. This exceptional filter boasts a support structure constructed entirely from 100% carbon fiber and features a cotton filter element at its core.

The development of the CRF is the result of dedicated efforts from BMC's Racing and Advanced Composites divisions. It stands as a testament to BMC's extensive knowledge and expertise, accumulated over more than a decade of unwavering commitment in the Racing sector. This commitment has yielded remarkable records and significant results, enhancing the performance of racing car and motorcycle engines to unprecedented levels. The CRF is the embodiment of BMC's dedication to excellence in the world of high-performance filtration.

Most kits are special order only.

If an intake kit needs to be specially ordered, payment is due up front and the item may take 6-8 weeks to receive.


The Carbon Racing Filter is tailor-made for individuals who seek nothing less than peak performance from their cars or motorcycles. It's a testament to those who demand the highest quality and technological advancements that originate from the world of racing. If you're in pursuit of top-tier performance and uncompromising quality, the Carbon Racing Filter is designed with you in mind.

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