Bike Replacement Filters

BMC offers a wide range of air filters to cater to various motorbike types and engine displacements, ensuring that riders from different segments, including enduro, crossover, custom, scooter, superbike, tourer, and even quad, can find a suitable air filter to meet their specific needs and requirements. The choice between the "Standard" and "Race" versions allows motorbike enthusiasts to select the filter that best suits their riding style and performance goals.


The BMC red filter for every day street use.


The presence of a yellow line on the filtration area of BMC air filters indicates a unique feature of their filters. This yellow line is a distinctive mark that BMC uses to highlight its premium "Race" air filters. This color-coding system makes it easy for users to identify the type of filter they have installed in their bikes.


For optimal results and to preserve the warranty of your BMC air filter, we strongly advise using original BMC kits exclusively. Other products may not be as effective and could potentially cause permanent damage to the filter, rendering the warranty void.
The BMC regeneration kit includes a specialized BMC detergent and an oil applicator, available in either spray or dispenser form.
For detailed instructions on how to regenerate the filtering element, please refer to the cleaning video and guidance provided in the regeneration kit.