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BMC air filters, factory replacement drop-in air filters, are designed as high-performance alternatives to OEM air filters in vehicles. They are made using a "Full Moulding" system, which creates a single-piece filter without any welded joints, ensuring durability and avoiding easy breakage. The rubber used in BMC air filters is long-lasting, durable, and has excellent adhesion characteristics to fit various airboxes.

These air filters are constructed with a multi-layered cotton gauze that is soaked in low viscosity oil. This design allows for increased airflow while maintaining efficient filtration, capturing impurities as small as 7 microns compared to the OEM's 10 microns. Additionally, BMC filters are protected from petrol fumes and oxidation due to air humidity by an epoxy coated alloy mesh.

BMC air filters come pre-oiled, and they can be cleaned and regenerated using the appropriate BMC regeneration kit, enhancing their longevity and cost-effectiveness. Overall, BMC air filters offer improved performance, longevity, and filtration efficiency compared to standard OEM air filters.

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R 1200 GS ADVENTURE 2014 > 2018
R 1200 R 2015 > 2018
R 1200 RS 2015 > 2018
R 1200 RT 2014 > 2018
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